February 2017 Member Spotlight: WestRock

Alaska’s distance to markets presents a high hurdle for getting recyclables, including fiber, to market. Thanks to an innovative and unique partnership driven by many of the state’s leading companies, Alaskans have found a way to overcome this hurdle and make recycling a reality for hundreds of thousands of residents.

WestRock works in partnership with ocean freight and cargo carriers, retailers and distributors, and local governments and non-profits to make recycling work in Alaska.  The coordination of the valuable contributions by numerous Alaskan companies and government agencies to reduce the cost of collection and transportation is critical to the success of a statewide program. Through its recycling operations in Anchorage, WestRock provides the operational muscle and market expertise to get recovered fiber to end-use mills and other recyclables redirected to sustainable reuse options.  

Thanks to these efforts, population centers like Anchorage enjoy modern curbside recycling service, and residents in remote villages have the ability to recycle materials that would otherwise be end up in limited landfill space.

Anchorage boat photo
WestRock’s recycling center in Anchorage provides recycling services for many of the state’s communities.

WRK logo
A resident of Nunapitchuk ferries recyclables for further processing.